Since 1986, NY FarmNet has helped thousands of farmers by providing free, on farm consulting services that focus on both the financial side of operating a farm, and the dynamics that come with owning a family business.

How we can help

Whatever your question or concern, NY FarmNet can help you clarify your problem, brainstorm solutions, and develop a plan of action.

Depending on your specific question or concern, NY FarmNet will:

      • Answer you directly
      • Send you information
      • Refer you to a different agency or resource
      • Assign a NY FarmNet consultant to help you and your family

Information: Often our callers are seeking specific information such as a contact number for an agency or a publication on a specific topic. We will try to provide the most current information (doing research on topics as needed). This information may be given over the phone or mailed to the caller.

Referral: Although the FarmNet staff person who answers the phone is familiar with farming and farm issues, we may not have or be able to find the specific information you need. If we know of someone else who has the information, you will be referred directly to that source. We network with other agribusinesses, service providers, educators and specialists on a daily basis, and keep a current referral database on various topics.

Consulting: When farmers can benefit from working one-on-one with someone knowledgeable about farm finances, farm options, family communication or personal issues, NY FarmNet consultants will be assigned to meet with the family.

Family Consultants and Financial Consultants provide free and confidential on-farm visits to answer questions and help find solutions to concerns. Topics include (but are not limited to) business and family finances, farm changes, farm management, disaster, stress, family communication and conflict. Initially, both a family and a financial consultant will visit the farm. Subsequent visits may be made by one or both types of consultant to ensure that both farm and family concerns are addressed.

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