Farm Management

Cornell Ag Workforce Development

A program of Cornell’s College of Agriculture & Life Sciences and Cornell Cooperative Extension that provides education around agricultural human resource management, workforce regulations, and research.


University of Minnesota's AgPlan program helps rural business owners develop a business plan for FREE.

Mortality Composting Information

Information from the New York State Veterinarian and from the Cornell Waste Management Institute provide guidance on how to deal with the disposal of downed or dead animals on the farm.

Succession Management

Retirement & Estate Planning

Purdue University's Extension has developed several tools to guide retirement and estate planning.

Stress Management

Identifying Signs of Stress in Farm Families

This is a three page document put together by NY FarmNet staff to aid agriservice providers in recognizing stress among farmers and farm families. 

How Farmers Can Cope with Stress

This is a one page document of coping mechanisms that is designed for farmers or agriservice providers, put together by NY FarmNet. 

Suicide Crisis Phone Numbers for New York State Counties

This list of suicide crisis phone numbers includes numbers for local county mental health clinics or the mental health units of hospitals, as these are the only places equipped to handle crisis calls in some counties.